Our Leadership Team

The Brentwood Leadership Team are dedicated to supporting students and staff in achieving their best so that our students are ‘future ready’ when they graduate at the end of Year 12. The Leadership Team is structured around the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes: 

The Principal Team:

  • College Principal – Mr John Ballagh
  • Associate Principal – Mr Peter Rhodes (Positive Climate)
  • Associate Principal – Mr Evan Miller (Excellence in Teaching & Learning)
  • Associate Principal – Ms Sonja Ardley (Excellence in Teaching & Learning)
  • Business Manager – Ms Robyn Geshev

The Positive Climate for Learning Leadership Team:

  • Four Heads of House (Banksia, Jacaranda, Waratah and Wattle)
  • Director of Wellbeing

The Excellence in Teaching and Learning Team:

  • Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Director of Pathways, Engagement and Community Engagement
  • Learning Specialist (Curriculum Design and Assessment)
  • Learning Specialist (Learning Growth)
  • Learning Specialist (Numeracy)
  • Learning Specialist (Student Voice and Agency)
  • Learning Specialist (Literacy)
  • Learning Specialist (Learning Innovations)

Director of College Operations is responsible for the smooth daily operations and implementation of the teaching and learning program at the College.