World Challenge

World Challenge is a bi-annual international expedition that allows young people to achieve personal and team goals while developing valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication. Through teaching life skills and expanding minds outside the classroom, the World Challenge expeditions truly provides a life-changing experience!

Each expedition travels to a developing country for a period of 21 – 28 days. Prior to departing, students plan their itinerary with the assistance of school based leaders and fundraise for a volunteer project to complete while overseas. While in the designated country, students are responsible for managing all aspects of the expedition, including travel, budgeting and accommodation.

The in-country expedition is broken up into four main phases that allow students to gain a different perspective of life as they know it.

Phase 1: Acclimatisation
A few days to adapt to culture shock caused by altitude, food, terrain, climate, culture and smells! A group of individuals becomes a team as they work together, rotate leadership roles and run daily review sessions to ensure they learn from all their experiences.

Phase 2: Physical Challenge
Whether trekking in jungle, desert or mountainous terrain, the team spirit, skills learnt, sights seen and sense of achievement will be second to none. School leaders step back and let the students make the decisions.

Phase 3: Community Project
For many, the most rewarding phase, where students interact with the local community and give something beneficial back, putting into perspective our privileged lives. The community project may involve teaching in schools, completing conservation work, building basic structures or anything else the students may choose to do.

Phase 4: Rest & relaxation
The final few days are spent relaxing, time to take everything in, whether visiting the Taj Mahal, white water rafting or just chilling out on an empty beach.

Brentwood Secondary College has run several successful World Challenge expeditions to various countries, each and every one bring back students with a new sense of pride, achievement and success.

  • 2019: Cambodia
  • 2015: Vietnam and Cambodia
  • 2014: India
  • 2012: Costa Rica and Nicaragua
  • 2010: Nepal
  • 2008: Borneo
  • 2006: Vietnam