College Council has endorsed that complete College uniform must be worn both at College, to and from College and on excursions.

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The Definitive Guide on Wearing the Brentwood Secondary College Uniform

The following information is taken from the Student Uniform Policy. Students may not make any variations to the rules below.

Uniform Item Rules:
Dress College Dress

·         Must be worn no higher than 5-8cm above the knee

·         Must be worn with plain white socks only that are visible above the ankle

Jacket ·         College Blazer


·         College Jacket with College logo

Jumper School Jumper with College logo

·         Mallard Green – Years 7-9

·         Maroon – Years 10-12

Scarf Plain black scarf or Brentwood Scarf from uniform supplier only
Shirt White Brentwood shirt with College logo (either long or short sleeved)

·         Plain white T-shirts and singlets may be worn under the Brentwood shirt and must be tucked in

·         Plain white long sleeve T-shirts may be worn under a long sleeve white Brentwood shirt and must be tucked in

Shoes ·         Black leather lace-up school shoes with a heel (maximum of 3cm high) and black shoelaces


·         Black T-bar with buckle and heel (maximum of 3cm high). Must be worn with buckles done up

All shoes must be able to be polished

School Shoes Guidelines

Shorts College grey school shorts from the range provided by the uniform supplier

·         Must be worn with plain white socks only that are visible above the ankle

·         Must be worn no higher than 5-8cm above the knee

Skirt & Tights Navy Brentwood Box Pleat Skirt

·         Must be worn no higher than 5-8cm above the knee

·         Must be worn with white Brentwood shirt (either long or short sleeve) with College logo

·         If wearing tights, they can only be black opaque tights

·         If tights are not being worn, students must wear plain white socks that are visible above the ankle

Sport/PE Uniform The PE/Sport Uniform is:

·         Navy shorts with College logo and reflective strip

·         Navy track pants with College logo

·         Navy mesh polo shirt with College logo (New students starting from 2021 onwards must wear their House specific polo shirt)

·         Navy College baseball cap with College logo

·         College Jacket with College logo

·         College Rugby jumper

·         Plain white socks only (clearly above the ankle)


Year 7 – 9 Students:

·         May wear their full PE uniform for the entire day on which they have Physical Education. Students cannot combine their official school uniform with their PE uniform.


Year 10-12 Students:

·         May wear their PE uniform in transit to school if Sport or PE is scheduled either before school or period 1 OR in transit home if Sport or PE is after school or in their final period of the day.

·         Official school uniform must be worn at all other times. Therefore, all Years 10 – 12 PE and Sport students will be required to get changed either before or after their scheduled PE/Sport class to ensure they are always in the correct uniform.

·         Students can only wear the full PE uniform items together – they cannot wear a blend of the official school uniform and Sport/PE Uniform.

·         Unless notified by the supervising teacher, the official Sport and PE uniform must be worn to all interschool sporting events unless an official team uniform is provided.

Tie Optional, but must be worn with top shirt button done up and around the neck only.
Trousers College grey tailored trousers with the school logo from the range specified in the school uniform catalogue.

·         Must be worn with plain black socks only that are visible above the ankle

Hair, Jewellery, Make Up & Accessories
Facial Hair

·         Should be kept neat in appearance and well groomed


·         Should be tidily groomed and be natural in colour (i.e. students may change their hair colour within natural hair colour tones)


·         Students may only wear the navy blue Brentwood baseball cap or slouch hat as provided by the uniform supplier

·         Students may only wear a plain black beanie or the Brentwood beanie from uniform supplier.

·         Caps and beanies to be worn outside only


·         Must be either, maroon, navy blue, white or black

Headscarf or headwear for religious beliefs:

·         Headwear should be black or white. If this is not appropriate, students and their parents should contact the student’s relevant House Leader to make suitable arrangements


·         Should not be visible at any time


·         Students may only wear a watch on their wrist

Make Up:

·         Should be minimal and not easily visible


·         Students may wear clear nail polish only

·         Students are not allowed to wear fake nails


·         Students may wear stud or sleeper style earrings only. Studs should be as discreet as possible and sleepers are not to exceed 1cm in diameter

·         Students may have a maximum of 1 stud facial piercing. Studs should be clear or as discreet as possible (i.e. 2-3mm maximum in width and not easily visible)

·         Where necessary students will be asked to remove piercings or tape them if their teacher considers them to be a safety concern in the classroom or during sport

School Bags:

·         Students must use a Brentwood School bag as sold by the uniform supplier.

Casual Dress Day Guidelines:

Occasionally the school will allow students to wear casual clothes to school. On these occasions students must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. No singlet tops
  2. No thongs or open shoes
  3. Clothing should be appropriate for a school setting (i.e. no inappropriate logos, words or pictures)
  4. Footwear and clothes should not inhibit student participation in their scheduled program on the day (i.e. Physical Education classes)

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