Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Brentwood Secondary College is a vibrant learning community where all students are supported and encouraged to achieve success and to pursue excellence. A learning community is a place where everyone is learning, both independently and together, and where everyone is continually striving to improve.  Our guiding philosophy is the belief that all students learn best when they are happy, healthy and resilient.

Our purpose is to ensure that every student is provided with every opportunity to achieve their potential.  A Brentwood education will provide all students with the opportunity to develop their talents, to nurture a passion and to grow in confidence about their future.  Every student will be supported in their intellectual, emotional, social and physical development by a highly professional group of teachers and education support staff.

Consistent with the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008) our purpose is to ensure that all Brentwood students have the opportunity to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens. We strive to ensure that our students learn in a connected community so that they grow as individuals who are future ready. 

Values for Learning

We demonstrate creativity in our learning by:

  • balancing satisfaction and scepticism towards our own ideas
  • using imagery, analogy and metaphor to find links and make connections.

We demonstrate curiosity in our learning by:

  • being open-minded and asking inquiry questions
  • looking for new interests and different perspectives.

We demonstrate discipline in our learning by:

  • thinking critically and planning methodically
  • working independently and in collaboration with others.

We demonstrate the capacity for reflection by:

  • thinking about and being able to articulate how we learn
  • identifying our own strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth.

We demonstrate resilience in our learning by:

  • coping well with uncertainty and complexity
  • working hard, persevering and bouncing back from failure.


Values for Community

We demonstrate compassion by:

  • being kind to each other
  • caring about the wellbeing of others.

We demonstrate empathy by:

  • appreciating that we are all different
  • acknowledging the thoughts and feelings of others

We demonstrate integrity by:

  • being honest, fair and just
  • being trustworthy in what we say and what we do

We demonstrate respect by:

  • caring for ourselves, for others and for our environment
  • being courteous and valuing the dignity of ourselves and others

We demonstrate responsibility by:

  • contributing to a safe, caring and sustainable environment
  • being personally accountable and making the most of our opportunities