Performing Arts

Director of Performing Arts: Joel Batalha

About The Program
Brentwood has a vibrant program that encourages students to be their best and extend themselves in a safe and challenging environment. Artistic and cultural life features prominently in the activities of many Brentwood students. Students gain satisfaction and self-esteem from their participation in college based performances. School plays, musicals, and musical performances are a major part of the extracurricular life of our students.

Performing Arts showcases the talents of our students whilst promoting group participation and leadership skills. We have student leaders who work together to develop a sense of ownership of the program. Performing Arts promotes students from all year levels to interact with one another beyond the classroom. They have the opportunity to engage in activities such as acting, dancing, singing, costume design and creation, set design and construction and being part of the backstage crew.

The sense of community established as part of our Performing Arts Program has been something to be proud of. Not only do we have a group of dedicated members of the community that come back year after year after they have moved on from Brentwood, we have a team of people who have become involved with the school and donate their time and experience to ensure the experience for students in Performing Arts is second to none. This is through involvement in our musical orchestra or helping with our set and technical aspects of the show. The staff have worked hard to establish strong links with the community to ensure our performances are a community event we can all celebrate together.

Each year, the team go away on a special three day camp to rehearse and refine the school production. This time is a great opportunity to get a focused head start for the production, but is also an excellent bonding experience for the cast and crew. The camp is a highlight of the Performing Arts calendar.

Performing Arts complements the school curriculum as it enhances confidence and self-esteem in our students. The college is also fortunate enough to have a very strong and well established VCE Theatre Studies program, where students in Year 11 and 12 are involved in the creation of plays and present them to the community. These plays are hugely successful and students are assessed for their contribution.

Performing Arts at Brentwood is a professional experience and students and staff work collaboratively to achieve the most professional results. We have been the recipient of many awards at both the Lyrebird Awards and Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Awards. 

For more information about the Performing Arts Program, to see how you might become involved or get some information about upcoming productions please contact

Stage Door

In 2019, we established our first performing arts parents and friends group called ‘Stage Door’. This is an opportunity to our community members of current and ex parents, friends of performing arts and performing arts alumni to join our group. The term ‘Stage Door’ comes from the metaphor of the conduit between our community and the stage. Membership is open to anyone in our community. 

To join this group, please email your expression of interest to 

Performing Arts Internships

In 2022, we are starting something new. We are offering the opportunity for students to undertake an internship during the process of our production of Strictly Ballroom in 2022. Internships will be in the following areas: 

  •  Direction 
  • Musical Direction 
  • Choreography 
  • Set Design 
  • Costume Design 
  • Technical Design (Lighting and AV) 
  • Sound 
  • Stage Management 

What does an internship involve? 

Students will shadow the staff in the roles for the above areas and learn about the process of putting on a production and the work involved in the show. If you are interested in Direction, Musical Direction and Choreography – you will need to have participated in a college production for at least 2 years. For the other roles, no experience necessary and you are not expected to have had any role in this area in the past. You will be working right through the whole process and will take part in discussions, production meetings and other tasks. The internship program will be managed by the Director of Performing Arts, however you will report to the person responsible for the area. Unfortunately, the only part of the process that students will not be part of will be the actual auditions, but you will learn about the process, the planning and how we make decisions. 

Who can apply? 

Internships are only open to students who will be in Years 10 to 12 in 2022. You do NOT have to be cast in the production of Freaky Friday to take part in the internship. How many internships are offered? At this stage, we plan to only offer one internship per production role. If we find that we will benefit from more than one, the selection panel can make a recommendation to offer more than one. 

How will students be selected? 

Students who wish to be considered for an internship for 2022 will be required to complete the following: 

  • Respond to a series of questions 
  • Submit an application 
  • Interviewed by a panel consisting of Director of Performing Arts, Production Team Member and another member of staff not involved directly in the performing arts program

2022 Productions

Musical: Strictly Ballroom

Directed by Joel Batalha

Musically Directed by Ben Franklin

Choreography by Michael Michell

Technical Direction by Brenton Van Vliet


Year 12 Theatre Studies: TBA


Junior Musical: Fame

Directed by Nicolette Nespecca

Musically Directed by Lauren Davine

Choreography by Sophie McCluskey


Past School Musicals

  • Anything Goes 2005
  • Crazy For You 2006
  • The Wiz 2008
  • Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 2010
  • West Side Story 2012
  • The Audition 2013
  • The Addams Family 2014
  • Hairspray 2015
  • Catch Me If You Can 2016
  • Mary Poppins 2017
  • In The Heights 2018
  • Wicked 2019

Past Theatre Studies Productions

Year 11 Theatre Studies

  • The Sardines 2004
  • Beach 2005
  • The Doors 2006
  • Parlez Vous Francais? 2007
  • Hearts and Kisses 2008
  • The Academy 2009
  • Holmes 2010
  • Robin Hood 2011
  • The Pink Panther 2012
  • The Agency 2013
  • Framed 2014
  • Wonderland 2015
  • The Lost Boy 2016
  • The Script 2017
  • Robin Hood 2018
  • So Much To Tell You 2019

Year 12 Theatre Studies

  • My Life by George Dunn 2006
  • Cloudstreet 2007
  • The Beach 2008
  • 15 Minutes 2009
  • Snapshots 2010
  • You, Me, Us 2011
  • Heart and Souls 2012
  • Life As An Idea 2013
  • Before and After 2014
  • Reflections 2015
  • The Academy 2016
  • Kamekura 2017
  • Twenty Twelve 2018
  • Moments 2019

Staff Productions

  • Cosi 2008
  • The Agency 2018

Rock Eisteddfod Entries

  • The Orb – 2003
  • What’s An Aussie? – 2004 – 5th in state Open Grand Final
  • A Day in the Life – 2007
  • Evolution – 2009 – 4th in state Open Grand Final

Production Services/Supporters