Student Support


Brentwood Secondary College uses a House System to support our students to ensure that students/families are better known by our staff in our community and increase our school pride and identity. (Read More)

Student Wellbeing

At Brentwood, we take the wellbeing of every student very seriously. The college offers an extra level of student support through an extensive Wellbeing Team, providing holistic care from counselling and advice, through to academic and organisational support. Brentwood Wellbeing has an open door policy, encouraging students to seek support at any time.  (Read More)

Student Pathways

Effective careers and transition programs are a vital component of school strategies to improve student engagement and increase school completion. We provide our students with career development programs that equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to become self-reliant career managers and have every opportunity to succeed.  (Read More)

Student Leadership

At  Brentwood Secondary College  all students have the opportunity to engage in activities that develop and nurture their leadership skills. (Read More)