Brentwood Secondary College is certified as a 5-Star ResourceSmart School. Sustainability is embedded across the school facilities, community and curriculum, in order to save resources and money for the school. Students and staff take an active role in reducing our electricity usage, waste disposal and improve biodiversity at the college.

As a part of the ResourceSmart Schools program, Brentwood has completed the following modules:

  • Core
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Biodiversity
  • Water

Some of the major Sustainability events run each year at Brentwood include:

  • Earth Hour
  • Brentwood Clean-up Day
  • Brentwood Tree Day
  • National Recycling Week
  • Salvos Christmas Appeal

Green Team
The Brentwood Green Team consists of students from various year levels, that are actively involved in running weekly team meetings, take actions that concern the environment. Green Team members work collaboratively to find solutions for environmental issues identified at the college and act on them. The Green Team actively participates in external Student Leadership opportunities.

Check out the Green Team’s new website here!

Students should consult the Sustainability Coordinator if they are interested in joining the Green Team.

Schools Water Efficiency Program
Brentwood Secondary College is now a part of the Schools Water Efficiency Program. The program monitors electricity and water storage in the school. This data is used to assess areas that could be improved to reduce wastage, such as old pipes and switching off appliances.

The College will be using this data to develop future strategies to make the school more sustainable.