Student Learning

Brentwood Secondary College is a vibrant learning community where all students are supported and encouraged to achieve success and to pursue excellence. 

All students at Brentwood Secondary College are encouraged to set learning goals, to be reflective and to do their personal best. The school day is divided into four 75 minute periods. The year 7-10 curriculum is centred upon the Victorian Curriculum. For more information about the Victorian Curriculum please visit Victorian Curriculum F-10  

Students can elect to participate in the Instrumental Music program which provides students with the opportunity to learn an instrument and to perform in an ensemble. 

Students entering Brentwood Secondary College at Year 7 have the opportunity to apply for a place in the Curriculum Enrichment Program. The program is offered to Year 7 students who demonstrate academic skills above those of their peer group. 

See the Edutest homepage for more details about the test and registration

In Years 8 and 9, students undertake a core curriculum and access an increasingly broad range of units of study that are organised on an elective basis. 

In Years 9 and 10 students are encouraged to experience a wide range of subjects.  Providing students with the opportunity to discover a passion is a guiding philosophy at year 9.  Senior school is an opportunity to specialise and for students to narrow their focus to specific areas of interest in their study of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). 

Brentwood Secondary College Enrichment Program 2021

Students entering Brentwood Secondary College at Year 7 in 2021 have the opportunity to apply for a place in the Curriculum Enrichment Program. This program is offered to year 7 students who demonstrate academic skills above those of their peer group. Year 7 students in the program undertake the same core subjects as the rest of the year level, in addition to further enrichment and in-depth studies of the curriculum. There is a greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills, as well as independent learning and research. Students in the enrichment program will also be expected to engage in extension activities through academic competitions, excursions and school-based activities. Participation in the program is dependent on students continuing to satisfy criteria reflecting the college values for learning and community. 

The enrichment program will: 

  • accelerate the pace of learning in all subjects and add a broader range of enriching experiences 
  • allow for the potential to accelerate by a whole year level in Mathematics – year 10 content completed by the end of year 9 
  • implement programs that are consistent with the Victorian Curriculum 
  • eliminate repetition 
  • limit practice of already mastered skills 
  • ensure higher order thinking is an integral process in student learning 
  • make provision for in-depth study 
  • be culturally inclusive, and affirm students’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds 
  • include provision for the continuation of appropriate EAL and other support, where required 
  • ensure that accelerated learning leaves no significant gaps in a student’s knowledge, skills, behaviours and understandings. 

Two dedicated classes comprise students who have been selected for the enrichment program, one studies German language and the other Japanese language. The program runs as a dedicated ASPIRE group for the same group of students for three years. Students will be expected to study language until at least the end of year 9. 

Registering to enter the program – Invitations are extended only to those students who have been offered a position in year 7 the following year. If Brentwood is not the closest school to your place of residence, parents are advised to wait until your son or daughter has been offered a position in year 7 at Brentwood before applying to enter the program. Parents of interested students are invited to register online to sit the edutest entry tests. The tests will be conducted on Sunday September 13, 2020 in the Brentwood Hall. The 5 tests: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics and Creative Writing will be supervised by edutest staff between 8:15am and 11:30am. The cost of sitting the entrance exam is $80. Applications close on Friday September 4, 2020. Click here to register. Dates for the 2021 edutests for students starting at Brentwood in 2022 will be released at a later date. 

Application selection process – Selection will be based on the overall results of the edutest entry tests. Students will have an option of studying German or Japanese language. In a situation where one language class is full, based on student preference, students with the highest testing scores will be awarded their preference. Students who aren’t offered a position in the language class of their choice will be offered a position in the program, but in the alternate language class.  Gender balance is also considered in the composition of classes. An Associate Principal will review the academic performance of Enrichment Program students and other interested candidates in Semester 2 2021 and Semester 2 2022 to offer places to students beginning the following year. 

Transition to VCE – Students transitioning from the Curriculum Enrichment Program at the end of year 9 into senior school may be offered the opportunity to undertake two VCE studies in year 10.