Japan Exchange Program

Brentwood Secondary College enjoys a sister school arrangement with Ono Senior High School, near Osaka in Japan.

Japan to Brentwood
Every two years a group of students and staff from Ono travel to Australia, spending time at a homestay and participating in daily life at Brentwood Secondary College. Whilst in Melbourne, the group also takes some time to visit some of the places Melbourne is famous for.

The visit from Japan takes place in the second and third week of Term 3. It provides an excellent opportunity for students studying Japanese at Brentwood to use the Japanese they have learnt so far, learn more Japanese, as well as build friendships with young people from Japan.

Brentwood to Japan
Students studying Japanese in Years 9, 10 and 11 have the opportunity to make the return trip to Japan. Similar to the Ono trip to Australia, staff and students spend around two weeks in a homestay with families from Ono High School, with students spending time in classes at school as well as enjoying local excursions and attractions.

After spending a few days in Osaka to acclimatise, the group then travels to our sister school, Ono. Students attend classes with their hosts and participate in school and family life. During that time, the group travels to Hiroshima for one night before returning to Ono High School for the last few days of homestay. After saying farewell to our host families, we head to Tokyo for the final three nights of the trip. Some of the highlights of the trip include; visiting Miyajima and the Hiroshima Peace Park, Osaka Aquarium, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo’s famous temples and shrines.

The trip to Japan takes place the last 2 weeks of Term 3.

Taking part in the Japanese Exchange offers students an amazing opportunity to improve their language skills, intercultural knowledge, independence and self-confidence.

Download the Discover Japan tour brochure here

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